6 Proven Ways to Market Your CoolSculpting Practice

6 Proven Ways to Market Your CoolSculpting Practice

6 Proven Ways to Market Your CoolSculpting Practice

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment and can be a large profit center for aesthetic practices. There are many challenges when it comes to marketing and selling CoolSculpting efficiently and this updated guide was created to start answering basic questions and give some of our “pro tips” about advertising for the treatment. We have been marketing CoolSculpting for clients since 2015 and understand the challenges practices face, so we wanted to make this updated guide. This article outlines several “tactics” that we use for CoolSculpting lead generation, not necessarily a “strategy”. Strategy is your overall plan, your tactics are what you use to execute it.

At Brandlift, we are heavily focused on digital marketing for the cosmetic service industry. Through trial, error, experience and awareness of the trends, we have honed and fine-tuned our strategies to help practices improve their lead generation exponentially. In most cases, the difference isn’t in finding a “new” marketing channel, but in utilizing existing options in the right way.

This blog covers some basic tactics and some pro tips for marketing coolsculpting. Schedule a call with us to get a custom strategy for your practice.

  1. Google Ads

Using Google Ads to boost your CoolSculpting practice to the top of the search results is still one of the most tried-and-true ways to generate multiple leads per month. CoolSculpting has done much of the legwork already by building excellent brand awareness and generating high demand. With an effective Google Ad strategy, you can leverage this brand awareness to your advantage by directing people searching for information to your website.

That said, there many caveats to using Google Ads. When done correctly, it’s a great way to generate traffic quickly. However, it is also easy to waste a lot of money if your google ads are not optimized correctly or aren’t using the right tactics. Google Ads carries a fairly high cost per click and therefore a high cost per lead. Pro tip: know which specific keywords are leading to phone calls and form fills and weed out the low performing keywords to see a higher ROI. Especially in the case of CoolSculpting since you’re bidding for ad space against numerous other providers within your space. Many providers waste their advertising dollars on Google because they haven’t figured out how to stand out or how to identify a niche. Brandlift has tested multiple strategies to give CoolSculpting practitioners a much-needed edge in this competitive marketplace, enabling them to get the most leads from their ad dollars.

    2. Landing Pages

Once you have grabbed your prospect’s attention with strategic digital advertising, where do you send them? Many practices direct them to their website by default, but we’ve found conversion rates for this practice to be a bit disappointing for a couple of reasons:

  1. Practice websites include all their services, and many distractions that lead away from the end goal of booking CoolSculpting consultations.
  2. Results of targeted advertising become more difficult to track because a website may draw traffic from many different directions.

As an alternative, create dedicated landing pages or a micro-site to position yourself as a CoolSculpting specialist, or to focus specifically on this part of your practice. Always include a clear call to action on the landing page so visitors know their next step—most commonly to book an appointment with you. This approach has a strong track record of improving trackability as well as conversion rates.

    3. Implement Video

These days, website visitors can usually handle text only in smaller doses. Wordy web pages filled with technical or medical terminology will turn visitors off before they even see your call to action. People are much more likely to watch a professionally produced video about the benefits of CoolSculpting than to read an article about it. We recommend having one of your physicians or technicians post one or more videos online discussing the procedure and its benefits in plain language. Videos not only do a better job of educating your prospects—they keep them on the page longer. Longer page visits typically lead to more conversions.

    4. Facebook + Instagram Ads

Paid ads on facebook are a tremendously valuable way to reach the women, 35-65 audience as well as your male CoolSculpting targets. Too many practices waste a lot of time and money with agencies promising to boost their “organic” social media presence by doing daily posts and not putting much or any ad spend into facebook. It’s extremely hard to go viral naturally on social media and it’s not a good bet if building short term revenue is your goal. However, when you understand the right way to use Facebook, and when you use it in conjunction with other digital marketing strategies, it can be the highest ROI tool for lead generation. Some tips to maximize this strategy:

  • Know your audience. These days, Facebook ads about CoolSculpting are most effective in reaching a female audience aged 35-60+. Craft and target your ads specifically to this demographic.
  • Make your offer as compelling as possible. People’s feeds these days are filled with Facebook ads. Your offer needs to be very compelling to convince a stranger to click through.
  • Make every word/picture count. You basically have one second or less to get a viewer to stop scrolling and actually look at your ad.
  • Measure conversions, not clicks or “likes.” Don’t get distracted by so-called vanity metrics. Likes don’t equate to sales. A Facebook ad with 50,000 likes and no conversions is a failed ad.

    5. SEO (search engine optimization)

The goal of SEO is simply to have your brand website and other brand properties rank as highly and prominently on google and other search engines as possible. Many businesses are only looking at their main website, you should be thinking about how you can also rank high on google maps, Yelp, and other places that people search for CoolSculpting info like Pro tip: Optimize for keywords like Coolsculpting + city name, and nonsurgical fat reduction. Highlight your expertise because people on google are shopping your competitors.

   6. Value, Not Just Price

We save this marketing strategy for last because it informs all the others. No matter which digital marketing channel you’re using, always remember to craft your offers around value, not just price. A fair price is important, but it’s not your primary selling point, and you don’t want to doom yourself to competing forever on price. People will pay more if they are convinced they’re choosing the best practice. Emphasize what services and extras your prospects are getting for the price, especially when you offer introductory sales. Low prices may get people to click through and even get them in the door. Great value will keep them coming back.

We happily offer a free thirty minute digital marketing consultation that can help you find some answers. We also offer a free SEO Audit. Contact us if you have any questions.

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