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Most of our clients go through the same struggles when searching for a med spa marketing agency. Many companies promise results but don’t deliver.  It’s hard to find a marketing agency that can help you stand out amongst your local competition and help your med spa business grow profitably. 


You need a marketing team that knows your industry and has a proven track record! We’ll take your unique business goals and craft a custom digital marketing strategy. We also help our clients uncover new opportunities for revenue growth!

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We work with dermatology and aesthetic practices to help reach target sales goals with medical and cosmetic treatments. We only work with one practice per city so we can focus exclusively on your business.

Our Med Spa Marketing

Med Spa SEO

Rank higher on Google! See our med spa SEO  page to learn more.  Request a free SEO audit and we’ll show you your websites strengths, weaknesses and organic growth opportunities. Rise to the top of search engines for the most sought after keyword searches in your market.

Med Spa Lead Generation

Profitable advertising! We specialize in med spa lead generation with Google Ads and Social ads on Facebook and Instagram. Leverage data and effective digital campaigns to attract people that are interested in your services.

Strategic Marketing

We use data to help pinpoint the biggest marketing opportunities in your local market for your practice and execute on those goals. Our clients value us because we help them uncover new ways to bring revenue to their businesses!

We have been helping aesthetic practices market successfully online since 2015. Through years of testing and spending millions of dollars on advertising, we have developed an effective system that any med spa can utilize. 

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We help bring you more leads and more patients with best-in-class marketing methods.

We work closely with our clients to create winning marketing strategies. For med spas we work with your promotions and help create monthly and seasonal marketing campaigns. We strive to be great business partners that add as much value as possible to every relationship.

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Medical Spa Marketing FAQs

Digital advertising should be able to show you an increase in phone calls, contact form fills and clicks for directions to your office within a couple weeks time. Those results can be expanded and improved on through campaign optimization using data that is collected during the campaigns. Check out our guide to medical spa marketing for more information.

We craft our stratigies around your strongest profit centers and the services that you want to grow your business with. We take the time to build a strong strategy and then execute that across the right marketing channels. We have proven tactics that work for med spas all over the country. 

Google ads is one of the best ways to stay on top of Google searches in your local market. There are also a lot of ways to waste money with Google Ads. This is where many agencies fall short. Brandlift will build a solid foundational strategy for your google ads and monitor with a fine toothed comb to help maximize your results. 

Depending on the size of your local market digital marketing requires a budget starting at $1000 per month. You can start bringing more patients to your medical spa every month. This is a realistic starting budget that can show your real results that will lead to long term growth of your business. 

There are many companies offering cheap marketing tactics that may sound like a good place to start. However it usually ends up being just a waste of time and money which is actually a huge set back for any business owner. Even if you could make a 10X return on $400 per month, that still is not really going to be life changing? Go off real results and speak to existing clients of the agency you want to hire. 

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