Coolsculpting Marketing
Case Study

Brandlift helped ramp up CoolSculpting sales in a major way for OC Dermatology, one of the top cosmetic dermatology practices in Southern California. Brandlift has worked as their digital marketing provider since 2016.Learn how they went from $34K to $82K per month in CoolSculpting sales, $988K in annual sales.


Our strategy was a multi-pronged approach including SEO, paid search and local digital advertising. We knew that it was crucial to be able to rank on google and  to use big data via facebook to target people who may be interested in CoolSculpting with engaging post content.

With facebook ads we were able to capture the IP addresses of people that visit their website. We “retarget” these people and use advanced facebook audience targeting to mine people that are interested in CoolSculpting. We then hit them with great offers to get them into the office.

Marketing Results

With well thought out offers and carefully crafted facebook ads they have been able to see a steady stream of interested prospects requesting consultations with steady growth over time. They spend on average $4k per month and field anywhere from 45-80 interested leads per month. 

They have refined their follow up process and closing offers. These leads have steadily built their CoolSculpting practice from around $34k up to over $82K per month in revenue over the course of 1.5 years. This is attributed mostly to facebook, google ads and an organic presence on google. 

Results Directly From Digital Ads.

See Below Screen Shots from facebook ads on some of the past months.

February 2019

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