Metropolitan Dermatology
Case Study

The Problem:

Metropolitan Dermatology dermatology and aesthetics practice with 18 locations in New Jersey and New York. The challenge was that they were only ranking on the top of google for a couple of their locations. We were tasked with getting their website to rank in all 18 locations. We were also tasked with developing their google ads and facebook ads strategy.

The Solution:

To tackle the SEO problem we proposed a new website structure that would allow for several location pages and interconnected internal pages targeting the individual markets.

For google ads we developed a multi-campaign ad account with specific geo targeting to meet the goals of the individual offices. 

We also set up detailed tracking for SEO rankings, organic traffic and paid ads leads in the form of appointment requests and phone calls. These metrics were all tracked in depth to prove the ROI of these efforts.

The results:

SEO: Organic traffic was stagnant prior to engaging with us. After a couple months we started to see a sharp increase in their google analytics and after 6 months about a 39% increase in traffic organic was realized across their website. Their appointment requests went from around 150 to 300 appointment requests per month.

PPC: We started with a small budget for proof of concept and ultimately optimized their account to over $5000 per month in ad spend to obtain 250-300 incremental appointment requests per month. 


In combination these two channels lead to over 600 additional appointment requests per month. The average patient lifetime value was deemed to be about $250. So their ROI was about an additional $150,000 per month in additional sales!

See the Evidence:

Overall SEO Traffic- 39% increase year over year.

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